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Jones Kemp is a long-term supporter of The Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT), established in 1969 to provide financial, medical and practical support including a monthly pension to thousands of former British Army Gurkha servicemen and their widows who do not receive a military pension and live in extreme poverty in the Himalayan hills of Nepal

Typically these pensioners had returned to a life of subsistence farming after serving in the British Army, but are now too elderly and infirm to farm. They and their widows rely on their GWT pension to survive.

Jones Kemp has supported The Gurkha Welfare Trust since 2007 by funding in its entirety since inception their Winter Fuel Allowance (WFA) programme. This pays a lump sum in addition to the normal monthly pension in autumn each year, so that the pensioners can buy extra fuel or warm clothing to help them through the Himalayan winter.

In 2018, the GWT trustees decided to issue warm clothing to the pensioners and their wives instead of a cash payment, and Jones Kemp funded over six thousand winter jackets, together with hats for the men and shawls for the wives and widows.

Jones Kemp MD, Chris Kemp, has made several visits to Nepal over the past 10 years to learn about GWT’s work .  In November 2018 Chris went on trek with GWT in eastern Nepal to assist with distribution of the winter clothing to the pensioners and made personal deliveries to some pensioners’ homes in remote communities.

In 2020 Jones Kemp funded the newly created Palliative Care Program, which provides pensioners with end of life care and support.

Jones Kemp is proud to support the outstanding work of The Gurkha Welfare Trust.

  • "The Trust is immensely grateful for the long-standing commitment and generosity that Jones Kemp has shown towards the welfare of our Gurkha pensioners and their widows in Nepal."

    Lieutenant General Nick Pope CBE Chairman, The Gurkha Welfare Trust
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